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Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat's mission and vision statements were created with your family in mind.

Mission and Vision Statements

Treatment Modalities


 Just as no two families are alike, neither is your treatment plan. You can feel confident in the help you are receiving from us because we customize our treatment plans to meet your family’s needs. 

Theory Models We Have Adopted

Daily Schedule


Because this is an intensive family therapy program, your family will be kept busy the whole week!  We believe in creating a balance between the therapeutic work and having fun. 

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 Our intention is to strengthen the entire family. Therefore, we encourage all immediate family members to attend. 

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 Still have questions? Please review our FAQ section. If your questions are still not answered, feel free to contact us .

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us


Mission Statement

Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat  is proud to be a place where families go to strengthen their families. Our program appeals to families throughout the world, with a variety of dynamics. Our mission is: Strengthening, Unifying and Connecting families through enhancing communication skills in the home.



 At Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat, we believe that communication is dormant, rather than dead, and needs to be reawakened through careful intervention/therapy.   Our goal is to help families remove barriers that hinder their connection, reawakening the communication that will allow a family to connect and unite with strength. 


Our Program Model

At Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat each family  will receive the following:

  • 2 face time sessions via the internet, before the retreat
  • A minimum of 12 hours of family therapy during the retreat
  • 4 workshops on communication
  •  4 group/recreational therapy sessions
  • Family activities to promote unity, connection and family strength
  • 24 hour access to a therapist
  • 2 fact time sessions via the internet, after attending the retreat

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Communications Model


The Communictions Model helps identify cycles in communication patterns that cause undesirable behaviors.

Goal: The goal of the Communications Model is to replace these patterns with new, healthier, ways of communicating and acting.

Somatic-Experiential Theory


Somatic-Experiential Theory focuses on families who have at least one child who is transitioning to adulthood. Sometimes these transitions do not go smoothly and barriers within the family can hinder the process.

Goal: The goal of Somatic-Experiential Theory is to get to the root of the problem that is causing this barrier, so that the transition can be a healthy one. 

Structural Family Therapy


Structural Family Therapy focus on families who have imbalances in power and control.

Goal: The goal of Structural Family Therapy is to balance the family by teaching  alternative ways of interacting.

Strategic Family Therapy


Strategic Family Therapy is a great therapy of choice for families where triangulation is evident.

Goal: Create more balance and improve communication skills so that one's thoughts, emotions and opinions are heard and respected.

Family System Trauma Model


The Family System Trauma Model is one that helps families who have at least one family member who has been traumatized. Tools are provided to the family in order help the healing process in a respectful way.

Goal: Provide the traumatized family member with a strong support system. Provide the family members with tools on how to help.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is used in each of the theories listed above.

Goal: Help identify experiences that are causing emotional, and behavioral, reactions and help to desensitize those triggers. (see tab "EMDR" under "Our Services" for more information)

Sample of a Daily Itinerary


Each day your family will rotate through different 90-minute experiences of learning and growing . These experiences include family therapy, recreational therapy, group therapy, workshops and other opportunities to put into action what you have been working on.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions about this itinerary.

Sample Itinerary (xlsx)




Our Prices


At Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat we feel that it is important to involve the entire immediate family in treatment. Our price includes:

  •  room and board for 5 days and 6 nights
  • 16 hours of family therapy
  • 12 hours of group/recreational therapy
  •  activities we provide at the retreat.

The price for this program is $12,797 for the first four family members. For each additional member the fee is $367.


The Average Cost for Residential Treatment

 Most residential treatment centers charge a minimum of $10,000.00 per month for one individual!!! This includes room and board, therapy and activities.

The 16 hours of therapy that you will receive at Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat would typically take 4 months in residential treatment!


A Website Promotion!

Mention your visit  to our website and we will give you a 15% discount reducing your cost to $10,877.45 for the first four family members and $311.95 for each additional family member.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the family dynamics that are ideal for this program?

  This program is designed for families who have at least one child between the ages of 7 and 17 and are struggling with communication and connection. 

When is the program held and where?

Awakenings Family Therapy Retreat is held twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. It is held at Timber Moose Lodge in Heber, Utah. 

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Do I need to stay the whole time?

 Program cost covers the full week. Your family will benefit most by staying the whole length of the program . There is no discount for choosing to not stay the whole week. All services provided are completed throughout the week. If you choose not to stay the whole week, the remaining services will be forfeited.

Is there any guarantee that my family will improve as a result of the program?

There is not guarantee.  The success of your family in the Awakenings program depends on how committed each family member is individually.  If we notice that one family member is less committed, we will do our best to increase their commitment level whether through individual counseling or more involvement in the process.

Relapse is likely to occur but we will arm you with tools to help you work through them quickly rather than continuing the cycles that you will learn to interrupt. 

What if we need further assistance after the program ends?

 We want your family to be successful! This is why we offer 2 follow-up sessions to support your transition back into real life. 

In addition, we have trusted resources to refer you to should you need additional assistance beyond your time with Awakenings. 

Is travel cost covered?

  No, your program cost covers lodging, meals, therapy and activities performed as part of the program.  

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